unitron hearing aids denverUnitron is a global company based in Canada and owned by the Sonova group that designs and manufactures hearing instruments. Unitron has developed several innovative technologies for hearing loss and was named one of the 50 best small and medium employers in Canada. Unitron has grown significantly since the launch of the “Era” platform in 2011, a hearing aid processing unit that delivers high-fidelity sound.


For over 50 years Unitron focuses much of their efforts into developing hearing aids that help with speech recognition. They’re known for the speech-in-noise proprietary technologies Speech Zone and Smart Control. They provide a full line of hearing aid models and accessories.

Popular Models

  • Moxi Fit Rechargeable
  • Micro
  • Stride
  • Max

Wireless Accessories

  • Remote Control 2
  • uStream
  • uDirect 3
  • uControl (Android & Apple app)
  • uTV 3

They also developed SmartFocus, “the first significant, clinically proven speech-in-noise advancement since directional microphones.”


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