Siemens is an engineering and electronics company based in Germany. Siemens has been responsible for major innovations in fields such as healthcare, communications, transportation and hearing. Siemens designs and manufactures hearing aids in the United States under the name Signia Hearing Instruments USA.

Siemens has a broad range of hearing aids, including invisible, waterproof, rechargeable, and wireless. Siemens developed the first waterproof hearing aid, Aquaris, which is resistant to dust, perspiration, and humidity. Siemens hearing aids are designed for every lifestyle and all levels of hearing loss.

Siemens hearing aids come in many styles: RIC, BTE & custom. They also have an extensive line of accessories and hearing aids designed for the busy life of active kids & teens.

Popular Models

  • Pure Primax
  • Ace
  • Carat
  • Aquaris
  • Eclipse
  • Sirion
  • Orion
  • Insio
  • Motion
  • Nitro
  • Life

Wireless Accessories

  • easy Tek
  • easy Tek App
  • touchControl App
  • miniTek
  • miniTek Remote App
  • Tek
  • eCharger
  • Batteries
  • easyPocket
  • Voicelink
  • Comfort Digisystem

With Siemens full line of hearing aids and accessories, you’ll find the device that is best for your lifestyle.

touchControl App

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miniTek Remote App


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