Hearing Aids


DIGITAL technology is the most sophisticated hearing aid technology. Current circuitry actually has a small computer in the hearing aid, providing substantial flexibility and significant improvement over older devices. It’s a good time to be in need of amplification because most of the technology today is so much better than it was even a short 6 or 7 years ago and it continues to get better every year. Today’s hearing instruments are not the hearing aids your grandparents, or even your parents, wore!

There are very “techy” aids which allow the patient to control many aspects of the hearing aid via a touch button on the hearing aid, or with a hand-held remote control. However, these “smart” hearing aids can also be totally programmed by the Audiologist if you prefer simplicity. Wear it and go!

Let me use my knowledge and expertise to help you with your particular communication needs!

What makes a good hearing aid experience is the fitting of the Audiologist and the key to a perfect fit is the knowledge of the product, the understanding of the patient’s individual needs, and the care to do it right with patience, professionalism, and passion!

Let me help your hearing instrument experience be a successful and positive one!

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