Everyday Heroes Assisting the Hard of Hearing Community in Denver
Smile and nod. We’ve all done it, right? You’re in a conversation, and you couldn’t quite make out what the other person said. So, you just smile and nod to be polite, and hope they don’t notice or follow up with a question. “I have definitely been guilty of acting like I understand what people are saying but I really don’t know what they’re talking about,” says Crystal Vaccaro. Everyday Heroes Vaccaro realized that this
Helping School-age Children with Hearing Loss
May is Better Speech and Hearing Month, and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is putting all of their efforts into building awareness about communication disorders, from the importance of early diagnosis, to communication strategies and life-altering treatments such as hearing aids. This year, ASHA’s Better Speech and Hearing Month theme is “Communication for All.” ASHA has lots of resources on their website here to help you get informed about how hearing loss and other communication
The Link Between Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline
Hearing loss means you are missing parts of conversation, missing social interaction – perhaps starting to feel a little isolated. In addition to the obvious issues with hearing loss, there are studies that show untreated hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline/dementia issues. A painless test by compassionate and caring staff at Denver Audiology can determine if you do have hearing loss and what the best treatment options might be. Hearing loss, dementia and research
What to Expect at a Hearing Exam

What to Expect at a Hearing Exam

Posted by Tony on March 19, 2018

If you think you are experiencing hearing loss or your loved ones or co-workers have expressed concerns, don’t delay getting a hearing test. So much can pass you by if you wait, and a hearing test at Denver Audiology is painless, non-invasive and private. We will answer all your questions and explain step-by-step what we are doing and what we are testing for. We will make sure you understand your test results. What the test
Talking to a Loved One about Hearing Loss
If someone close to you is struggling with hearing loss, chances are you have noticed it. Signs like having the television on at maximum volume, or asking you to repeat things often, or not paying attention to voices when you are out and about together can all indicate that they are dealing with a hearing problem. When you notice your loved one may have a hearing issue, it’s important to talk with them about it,
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