Do you have a loved one who’s struggling to remember things? Maybe they completely forgot something you told them, or missed a doctor’s appointment. As Alzheimer’s and dementia are becoming increasingly common among seniors, we often get scared when we notice signs of memory loss in a family member. We’re worried that these signs could point to the beginning of a hard journey ahead. While it’s true that memory loss is a common sign of

Noise Pollution in US National Parks   

Posted by Tony on March 13, 2019

Category: News
The great natural areas of America are being threatened by increasing levels of noise pollution, according to recent research in the magazine Science. Noise has doubled for more than half of all protected areas, ranging from local reserves to national parks spanning over millions of acres to local parks. This bad news for local wildlife, as well as humans.   Studies on Sound Levels in National Parks Led by researcher Rachel Buxton, a conservation biologist
March 3 is World Hearing Day! The World Health Organization (WHO) uses this day to raise awareness around hearing loss and hearing health. 40 million Americans struggle to hear, and if you’re one of them, it’s time to take control of your hearing health.  Wondering how you can look after your hearing? This year’s World Hearing Day theme is ‘check your hearing!’ and that’s the best place to start when it comes to your hearing
It’s a new year and that means it’s time to start fresh with resolutions. If you are like countless other Americans, you will be promising yourself to eat better, go to the gym, perhaps stay connected with family by calling or visiting more, and promising to be a better friend. You schedule your annual physical, note down your dental appointments in your planner, call the optometrist, and schedule an annual hearing test at Denver Audiology.
The holiday season is in full swing and amid the hustle and bustle, we find time to engage with family and reconnect with old friends. Denver Audiology urges you to not miss a minute of the season and stay connected to the sights and the sounds of the holidays. The season is a great opportunity to enjoy and outing with friends and take advantage of the experiences the area has to offer. We’ve picked out
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